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The school scenario about Scotland

(8 – 9 forms)
Ушакова Галина Николаевна
(the author Ushakova Galina Nikolaevna)
      1.Music of bagpipes.A man,dressed as a Scott installs his flag,(his name is mr.McСly)
      then he fixes the flower symbol.He is whistlings the national melody.Some guests
      from far-away country are going to visit us today.... I've no ideas... what to show them....
      “My Bonnie lies over the ocean”
         2.Several wondering girls  and boys are coming up to him.
      They ask him different questions.They convince him to start the
       show about his native country.He agreed at last (as they are tourists from Russia)
      to bring them all over the public places and give them possibility to meet new interesting
      people,who put them inside of national customs and traditions.

      3.The show mostly consists of the facts and interesting events which were nofamilia to this girls.
      1.Mr McСly asks them 4-5 questions
      -where are you from?
      -we are from Russia
      -how does your flag look?
    -Sorry) we didn't take it for travelling! But.... as I remember Grigoriy has a picture on the picture
      T-shirt!(Grigory shows the flag on his chest)
      -Is your country big?
       -Yeeees! It's huuuuuge! 220 times more than yours!
      It lasts 5000 km from West to East!But...we came here to know more about Scotland!
    - Can you help us?
          -Sure! How lucky you are! I 'm the mayor!(governer) first... let's visit one of the  shool !
     1.T-ssssssss! Sit and listen to Geography!
      -Teacher:who is ready to tell about Scotland?Please, Mary McCorwick!
1.Scotland is one of the brightest countries of The UK.Until 1603
Scotland was independent,In 1707 they joined Great Britain.
2.The square of territory is 78772 sq .km.
Population of Scotland is5.3mln.people.The flag of Scotland is a crosses on
 blue. The Coat -of-arm is represented by shield and arms. And the national
 flower symbol of Scotland is the thistle, a prickly-leaved purple  flower
 ,which was first used in the 15 century as a symbol of defence. It helped
  them to get the historic victory over enemies due to thi sharp plant.
-Teacher:so...Eduard  Mc.Grey can you tell us about  the capital?
The capital of Scotland is Edinbure .it s the ancient wonderful city full of
 romantic medieval castles, and beautiful fields, hills and lakes!
-Lakes?we 've heard a lot about Loch-Ness one!

-This lake became a tourist brand of our country! They say a terriblemonster is living in the depth of this lake.
But there is a funny anecdote( a joke )about seeing of Loch-Nessmonster!
-Teacher:ok. We would like to listen your funny stories!
-In the Scottish pub on the shore of the lake is a tourist sitting.He is calling
 the waiter and asks him “When can your  monster  be seen usually?''
Oh!(the waiter said) “Usually it can be distinctly seen after the 5 th glassof whisky,sir!”(ha-ha-ha)
”Delegation” is saying “bye” and leaving.Mr.McCly invites the guests to the Scotland concert Hall)
-Don't  you mind to admire our dances and songs?
-It sounds great!
-tssssssssss.Come in and listen to the  CONCERT!
I'll show you my beautiful country
I'll tell you about my hills
I'll give  you to listen to bagpipes
I'll dress  you in gorgeous kilt
(show of folk dance)
     4 actors brought 4 portraits of famous Scots In our country such literary  geniouses were born as
     George Byron))
     She walks in beauty ,like the night
      of cloudless climes and starry skies
      and all that's best of dark and bright
     meet in her aspect and her eyes...
     Walter Scot))
      I  am the author of ''Aivengo”, “Rob Roy', Black dwarf”
      Conan Doyle
      (We are all- the- world-famous  detecive Sherlok Holms and his college
      Dr/Watson(music sounds from the film)and me!

My name is Robert Burns.

       I'm as Alexanderr Pushkin in Russia
      My heart's in the Highlands
      My heart is not here
      My heart's in theHighland
     a-chasing the deer....
      -Russian tourists(some of them are Nika and Artyom)say
      -Sorry,mr.McCly,are there any cafes or pubs? We are pretty hungry
     -No problem,dear guests!  You are welcome to the Sottish Pub!
     Let's go to the cafe ”Ginger and Proud”
      -Why so strange name, mr . McCly?
      -Because almost 40 per sent  of  Scotts are ginger and blue-eyed
     There was a big parade in Edinbure followed by the slogan''Ginger andProud”
-The other question:what does the folk clothes of Scotts mean?
Just a moment,one of our citizen,mr McClinton by the name we'll
 demonstrate you the Scottish national costume!(this way,mr McClinton!)
(Popov Vlad is appearing)

Kilt—s the skirt of special pattern,depend on klan
hoses-special stockings
sparren-a bag on the belt
     -Please.bring us huggies,sheperd pie, muffins and 4-6 scotches /doublescotches!
     -Just a moment,please)))
-Let's tell anecdotes about Scotts....while waiting the waitress?
-Sure! We are all attention
-(bringing trays with food)Here you are! Our chef will tell you some words )

OK! Huggies consists of liver, kidney, herts and lungs which are fill the sheep's stomach
-wow! Tasty!
Shepard' s pie is the second dish,made of  cut meat and pasta and special source)))
Help youself to huggies. Sheperd pie and scotch!
(They are singing   the song “Should auld aqcuaintance be forgot”
they lit the candles  and sing this song )
-Now it seems to us that we love Scotland very much!
And we know Scotland very well!

Again the loud sounds of bagpipe and video of Scotland are demonstrated.